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DIABETOLOGY COURSE is an Institute of Diabetology courses in Chandigarh. DIABETOLOGY COURSE is providing 1 year Postgraduate (PG) Diploma in Diabetes in Chandigarh MBBS Doctors. PG Diploma in Diabetology provided by UGC recognised university. NHDCA is also providing online diploma in diabetes in Chandigarh for medical graduates (Doctors) and allied healthcare professional with special interest in Diabetes. Online diploma courses in Diabetology is 1 year distance learning program for doctors and required 2 days training session or class at our recognised center in Chandigarh. We are also awarding various other types of degree and diploma in Diabetes in Chandigarh like as fellowship in diabetology, diabetes educator courses, certificate courses in diabetology, distance fellowship in diabetology and online training in diabetes in Chandigarh. Class and training of diabetes courses is providing by Internationally acclaimed diabetologist and research scientist and specialist of diabetes disease in Chandigarh.

DIABETOLOGY COURSE Diabetologist provide specialised training in diabetes and its complications. We have diabetes courses in Chandigarh for various medical students like as doctors, nurses, physicians, lab technician and premedical personal. Our aim to create trained and professional healthcare to tackle diabetes epidemic in Chandigarh. We are conducting structured training program for healthcare professional and trained them in specific aspect of care in diabetes and its complications. We are also organised short intensive courses, conferences and seminar about current technology development which will benefits of the professional of diabetes. our aim to raise awareness about regarding in carrier prospects in diabetology among eligible students. DIABETOLOGY COURSE is providing diabetes courses for physicians and non-physicians at Chandigarh Diabetes Centre.

DIABETOLOGY COURSE is providing diabetes courses for physicians in Chandigarh are following like as Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Diabetology, Fellowship in Diabetology, Fellowship in eye disorder of diabetes, certificate course in evidence based management of diabetes retinopathy, certificate course in evidence based diabetes management and certificate course in Gestational diabetes mellitus. We have non physicians courses in diabetes like as post graduate diploma in diabetes education, diploma in podiatry, B.Sc. in medical laboratory technology, Certificate Courses Physician assistance ship, certificate courses in diabetes technology, national diabetes education program and diabetes educator courses in Chandigarh.

Online diabetes courses in Chandigarh are available with online eleaning content, online session, live lectures with faculty, online assessment and training in clinical facilities. We have most popular courses in DIABETOLOGY COURSE diabetology like as Diploma in diabetes mellites, certificate in diabetes mellites, masterclass in diabetes mellites, fellowship in diabetes mellites, certificate courses in diabetes footcare and certificate courses in paediatric diabetes in Chandigarh.

DIABETOLOGY COURSE Diabetology courses and diploma have various key features like as learning practical management in diabetes, Interact with experts on live virtual classes, update yourself with current guidance and trends, provide better primary care of diabetes, expand your knowledge of diabetes mellites, apply knowledge in your professional works, get enabled to work with diabetes specialist, manage diabetes complication better and knowledge of diabetes management in special populations in Chandigarh. Mostly diabetes courses offer for MBBS doctors but some certificate courses are offered to nurses, dietitians, surgeons, health assistance, diabetes educators and healthcare professionals.

DIABETOLOGY COURSE PG Diploma in diabetology courses is designed to provide knowledge and education regarding about diabetes, various treatment options and complication associated with diabetes in Chandigarh. We are offering various diabetes presentation and investigation profile for better understanding about diabetes in Chandigarh. PG Diploma in Diabetes is 1 year courses offer by UGC recognised university with 2 day practical class in Chandigarh. PG Diploma in diabetology courses will provide various aspect of diabetes like as overview of diabetes, role of lab in diabetes diagnosis and management, Oral hypoglycaemic agents, insulin and its role in diabetes interesting case presentation, interesting case presentation regarding diabetes in difficult situations like pregnancy, planning surgery, infection, chronic liver disease travel, diabetes and bone, diabetes and eye, diabetes nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetes diet, NCV, Dialysis, Vascular lab, diabetes and heart an d diabetic foot.

Online distance learning diploma in diabetology is provided for medical graduates and healthcare professional with special interest in diabetes in Chandigarh. Online PG diploma in endocrinology is completed by 6 modules with 6 week online classes for each modules. Each student get online supervision by expert and experience tutor. Tutor interact and monitor student through online login group. 1st modules provide you knowledge and principle of diabetes, type of diabetes, diagnosis of diabetes and metabolic syndromes. 2nd modules of diabetology provide you approach to care, motivational interviewing and multidisciplinary team. 3rd modules provide you promoting selfcare of diabetes, nutrition, exercise, obesity, and weight management. 4th modules provide you information of management of diabetes, therapies in diabetes including insulin and emerging treatments. 5th modules provide you information about microvascular complications, retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy.6th modules will provide you knowledge and information about complications stroke, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease an diabetic foot. DIABETOLOGY COURSE also design diabetes educator courses in Chandigarh for healthcare professionals.

DIABETOLOGY COURSE is recognized institute for diploma in diabetology in Chandigarh. DIABETOLOGY COURSE offer diabetes courses from recognized university. We offer various courses, diploma, PG Courses, fellowship and certificate courses in diabetology in Chandigarh. We have tie up with various universities like as IGNOU and diabetology courses in Nims. Online Distance education courses highly popular in diabetology. Diploma in diabetology is postgraduate diploma for MBBS doctors duration up to 3 years. MBBS Degree must be approved by MCI Recognised institute. DIABETOLOGY COURSE team will provide you about overview of diabetology, syllabus, scope, salary and about DIABETOLOGY COURSE program of Diabetes. DIABETOLOGY COURSE open a program form doctors a online distance education in diabetology.

About Diabetology -

We offer different types of diabetes courses and enhance the knowledge of diabetes. Diabetes is the situation in the body when body unable to pair with body glucose , it is also known with its another name blood sugar. It occur careless management with result in increasing sugar level in body. The increased sugar will result in various harmful body complex that includes heart diseases and stroke problem and also effect eyes, kidney and liver. These are different from person to person and its treatment is also different depend on the types of diabetes.

Type of Diabetes -

The level of diabetes only show through blood test. Normal blood sugar lies between 70-99 mg/dL. The different types of diabetes includes type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes. The type 1 diabetes situation arise when body unable to make insulin. The insulin helps to provide glucose that is important to body to alive. In type 2 diabetes body unable to use proper amount of insulin. Gestational diabetes problem occur mostly to pregnant women. But this problem goes away after delivery. These can control with exercise, meal plan and by reduce weight. About diabetes courses & institute in Chandigarh We are here to provide and enhance knowledge about diabetes. our recognized institute provide various important diabetes courses. We offer both online and offline diabetes courses. Our diabetes courses also depend on duration and specialization. We offer diploma, certificate and courses for allopathic doctors, non-allopathic doctor, and for paramedic. The online post graduate diploma in diabetes is for medical graduate and complete in 6 modules. Online Diabetes Courses for Doctors to increases awareness about diabetes. we are the one to provide Diabetes Course Open University. The diabetes course for Bams doctor provide for enhance knowledge and also improve practical knowledge. It is the best way to gain knowledge about diabetes course online. Our PHFI diabetes courses and diabetology courses work as international diabetes course.

About Health Care Academy of Diabetology -

Health care academy is leading in provide courses , diploma and certificate in diabetes in Chandigarh. we provide online, full time and part time courses for diabetes courses profession. Our specialist provide accurate and innovative knowledge with powerful tools. The practical and theoretical knowledge is on finger tips so, easily provide high accuracy in diagnostic. We have experienced faculty and high level of practical knowledge that makes our student perfect.

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